Writers Corner

Every Thursday and Friday we facilitate #Writerscorner at The Coconut Loft, a lovely art gallery and coffee shop and they sell books by local authors too.

#Writerscorner is a writing session different to sessions where you write for pleasure. Writers write with the aim to get published whether this be approaching traditional publishers or self publishing their work. Many of the group are published authors and a few.

This superb venue is on Waterloo Rd in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Writers are welcome to come for one hour or two, one day or both, the choice is theirs. These sessions are free and all we ask is that writers purchase a snack at the counter.

Occasionally we run workshops there and last Friday we ran a session on How to Build a Blog (inc how to use tags/categories).

Photo taken just after some built their blogs.

Workshop~Building a Blog at C~Loft May 2018

Starting on the left: Sandra Delf, Suzan Collins, Honor Hall, Diana Bettinson, bottom right: Carolyn Cook, Claire Walker and Cornelia Lynne Bell.

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