Writing Retreat


We held our first Writer’s Retreat last month in an elegant 18th-century country house set within acres of beautiful private gardens. We had a roaring fire, own bedrooms with en suite, a group of fabulous writers in residence and was waited on hand and foot.

We also offered meditation sessions with Hilary Lepine, and/or a Food and Well-Being session with Sandra Clennell! Both of these workshops gave them powerful tools to help them not only improve their health, but also to unlock even more of their creativity.

Writers had the choice of writing in what we called ‘The Communal Room’ or writing in their rooms. The one thing we asked was that everyone came together for the evening meal.

Booking in: From 2pm on the Friday

Leaving by: 5pm on the Sunday


Driving up the path


The Welcome Meeting


View from one of the bedrooms



In The Communal Room


Out for a frosty morning walk to clear the cobwebs


Mediation sessions each evening facilitated by Hilary Lepine

soup-and-a-roll lunch


tree  tree1

Interesting tree

The group have taken on the challenge of writing a story of up to two thousand words based on a list of words given out on the last day. The stories will be entered into an anthology and published, and all royalties from sales will go to Alzheimer’s Research UK.


Sad to be leaving but all things must come to an end. Until next time…

Not all of the evaluation sheets are in yet but here are a few:

“A truly fabulous and inspirational weekend”

“Peace and refreshment, mentally, spiritually and physically. Can’t be bad! And an organised file that has helped me progress my current phase of writing. When’s the next one?”

If you would like to see the other things we do please go to our website http://www.getwriting.co.uk

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