Bury St Edmunds Library

As part of the Waveney Author Group Tour some of the authors gave a talk and had a fun time at Bury St Edmunds Library.

group pic in the library cafe1

Bronwen Grono, Enid Thwaites, Tricia Cass, Elizabeth Manning-Ives and Suzan Collins after a delicious cuppa and cake in their delightful café.

Group pic at the library

Authors were asked for a photo for the library’s Facebook page.


Carole Carole1

Bronwen Grono talking about her current book and the one she has sent to Jo Wilde, her editor.

Enid Enid1

Enid Thwaites talking about her current book and the one she is currently writing.


Elizabeth Manning-Ives talking about her two novels and the third she is currently writing.


New author Tricia Cass talking about her first book and writing an anthology.

No photos were taken of Suzan Collins talking but rest assured she is writing more books in the Chatty Cat series, a second novel and a non-fiction book.

You can see all of these authors, and many more, at this year’s Eafoc (East Anglian Festival of Culture) where ‘Get Writing’ is arranging this festival to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. For more info please go to www.getwriting.co.uk

Eafoc flyer ~ Overview ~ FINAL

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