Three days of #NaNoWriMo


Writing the first 300 or so words was relatively easy, but keeping going wasn’t. I was distracted a few times and also got a little tired staring at the screen.

It looked lovely outside and I decided to cut the lawn. Fresh air and a bit of exercise was good. It gave me time to switch off, albeit for a short while.

In between writing and eating I wrote 1, 840 words. I stopped at a very exciting point in the novel as I knew this would encourage me back to it.


A lovely cycle ride and lunch with friends.

Egyptian birds          Swans

Then back to writing… really looked forward to getting back to it and carrying on with the story. Armed with snacks and treats I booted up the laptop and continued typing.

I stopped when my eyes began to sting.


Woke up early to get some words written. Been focused and not allowed myself Facebook and Twitter until I had finished writing.  I’ve now written 6,105 words and am pleased with my progress.


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