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Chatty Cat by Suzan Collins – Promo Spot

Celebrating the launch of a new book by Suzan Collins – Chatty Cat – The First Six Months, [a true account of a rescue cat settling into her new home, made into a story]. The book is now available to buy.


One woman. One cat. Two very different ways of thinking. Meet Chatty Cat and her human [hooman] as they get to know one another. Chatty Cat is a smart but scared cat who has been adopted and is getting used to her new home. Her hooman thinks she knows exactly what Chatty Cat is thinking and what she needs. Chatty Cat however has other ideas and with a mind of her own, her hooman begins to wonder who is actually in charge!

This book is a very light read and I know that the author enjoyed writing it, not only because it is about Chatty but also the last book she wrote [true story] was very hard to write [and harrowing], ‘Beyond My Control: Why the Health and Social Care System Need Not Have Failed My Mother’.

The Author

Author Suzan Collins is an internationally selling author and lives on the East Coast in the UK. Suzan writes romance and has also written an array of non-fiction books that pertain to her work as a consultant/trainer in health, social care and management.

Suzan enjoys writing fiction as it allows her to make up stories [and eat cake!] and write non-fiction to inform others [and eat cake!].

Her latest book, ‘Chatty Cat: First Six Months’ is a book about Chatty who was a rescue cat and settled in to live with her new owner, Suzan. Or is Chatty the new owner…?

Where to find Suzan:Website:                                                      Facebook Authorpage:                                                                                           Facebook:                                                                                                         Twitter: @suzancollins                                                                     

Where you can find Suzan’s books:                                                                                                       Amazon                                                                                                                                                          UK                                                                                                                        USA                                                                                                                    Italy                                                                                                              Australia                                                                                                           Canada


Where to find Chatty Cat



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