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Bringing Writing to the East Coast

I will be running a variety of writing workshops on the East Coast.

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Writing …

Just Write It!                                                                                               Helping those who want to write…to write Just Write It! will be running a variety of writing workshops on the East Coast, in Suffolk this year. Many people say, ‘I want to write a book but don’t … Continue reading


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Guest author: Terry Tarbox

I met children’s author, TERRY TARBOX, and his ‘marketing-agent’ and wife, Lily. Lily paid for the drinks and cakes, and they were lovely. Thank you, Lily. Welcome, Terry, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and how, and … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Author, Roy L. Murry

Welcome, Roy L. Murry … Can you tell me a little about yourself? I’d need a week to answer this. LOL I was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA into at that time was called a middle class family – both … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Literary Agent Carly Watters

Welcome, Carly, is the seat ok? If it is, I will start the interview. Oooops, forgot to pour you a glass of champagne. Here you are… Thank you for joining us today; I know how busy you are. Can you … Continue reading

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New book-Chatty Cat

NEW BOOK!!!! Chatty Cat: The First Six Months [True account of rescue cat settling in to her new home, made into a story] Where to purchase your copy;                                                                                              Amazon                                                                                                                                                                UK                                                                                                                                  USA                                                                                                                              Italy                                                                                                                        Australia                                                                                                                     Canada  

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On The Radio…

On Blythe Valley Radio talking about my book, Beyond My Control: Why the Health and Social Care System Need Not Have Failed My Mother

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Being hosted…

I am being hosted on Brookcottagebooks blog: Chatty Cat by Suzan Collins – Promo Spot Celebrating the launch of a new book by Suzan Collins – Chatty Cat – The First Six Months, [a true account of a rescue cat … Continue reading

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